Mr. July!

If you haven’t met Fletcher, allow me to do the honors! Fletcher is a staff favorite for sooo many reasons! First of all, look at how handsome he is!! He is a regal weimaraner if we ever saw one! But what makes Fletcher special are the strong bonds he forms with his people. Fletcher may be one of “our” dogs now, but we are definitely “his” now too! Fletcher likes to play with his doggy pals, but truth be told, Fletcher really also loves to just hang out and watch the fun from on top of the play equipment, as if he is surveying his kingdom!  You’ll also catch him chilling out doggy-nap style, taking a break or even a snooze with one watchful eye open. Fletcher has endeared himself to us in so many ways, and we think his mom is pretty special too, for letting us take care of him. So to celebrate them both we have some special prizes, and of course the bragging rights that come with a spot on our wall of fame! Congratulations Fletcher, and thanks for choosing us!


Fletcher BFoM in hat

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