February Love Of Our Lives

In my usual fashion, I’m behind on a few announcements! But I’d like to get right to this one – our very special February Best Friends of the Month! Last year, when we were still in our first year, we decided that every February we would honor TWO best friends – in order to extend and celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day- because after all, LOVE is our first name!

Please feast your eyes on this beautiful boy! Guster is one of our favorite Golden Retrievers. Guster is always excited and happy walking in the door  and happy to see his owners at the end of the day. He is big and strong so it’s a good thing he’s so very well behaved! Some of Guster’s favorite activities include getting big hugs from our dog handlers, running and playing with tennis balls, and more hugs. Certainly one of our sweetest dogs with an overall gentle temperament, Guster has no problem greeting new pups, and helping us with new dog evaluations. Guster is a frequent recipient of belly rubs and did I mention big hugs? Because Guster is undeniably one of our sweetest and most tolerant dogs(especially of those hugs!) we’re proud to name Guster February co-Best Friend of the Month.

We are ALSO extremely happy to announce Lilly as co- Best Friend of the Month.  Lilly loves, loves, loves, playing with her furry buddies at Love My Doggy Day Care. Every morning that Lilly comes in, the staff is treated to a playful army crawl and even is bestowed the honor of giving a few belly rubs in the lobby. Lilly is such a little sweetheart that we had to include her as our February co Best Friend of the Month. Whether she’s lounging on the couch, playing tug-of-war with her friends, or getting ear scratches from her favorite dog handlers (who could resist those ears??), Lilly has stolen our collective heart and is on everybody’s “favorites” list. She may be the February staff pick for Best Friend, but she is also friends with so many of the dogs here at Love My Doggy Day Care, of course! Yak is one of her best buds, but she also loves playing with Toby, Zola, and Bebe. When this group gets together you can expect some tired pups at the end of the day. Lilly is a sweet Corgi who likes to have fun and makes sure her friends do too.

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