Fall Besties

We have waited long enough! It’s time to share the great news about our latest Best Friends voted in for September Best Friend of the Month & October Best Friend of the Month. We are very excited to make this announcement as these are some very special pups. In addition to absolutely adoring these pus, I’m thrilled for these pet parents, who have been very special clients to us.



“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
Our girl Juliette must be a romantic at heart like her namesake because she is quite the loving pup. Jules is super playful and has bursts of high energy where she runs around with toys and plays with her friends. Jules stole our collective hearts when she was just a pup. She has matured into a fine young Golden! She pulls her parents up the walk to our door and she takes it from there! She knows the drill at Love My Doggy Day Care, and tricks her parents into spoiling her every time she walks up to the wall with the treats on it!
The team at LMDDC would take a bouquet of roses any day!



Dakota is a favorite among the staff for so many reasons. Dakota greets us all with hugs, gets along with all the pups and loves to be held, and we are happy to oblige! She has tons of friends and is an adorable member of our “munchkin” group. Her mom insists that she can talk, so of course, we talk to her – we tell her how cute she is and how much we love her and she gives us all the puppy kisses we desire! And we love to see her fancy sweaters, she is quite fashionable! She is the whole package when it comes to finding a great day care dog, and everyone knows that good things come in small packages!

Dakota & Juliette Rose have earned some fun prizes, a spot on our Wall of Besties, and of course, the bragging rights belong to our Pet Parents, who have wonderful pets to be proud of!

And the votes are in for the November Best Friend of the Month too! Announcement coming soon!



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