Callie, Freddie & Quinn are our Summertime Best Friends of the Month

May, June, and July have been scorchers and to celebrate we’ve got 3 hot dogs that make Love My Doggy Day Care a special place to be, all year long.

Our May best friend of the month was Callie. When Callie first started coming to Love My Doggy Day Care, she was nervous and anxious. Callie experienced separation anxiety and was unsure about being away from her pet parents. So our staff decided it would be best to take it slow with Callie. We wanted to gain her trust first, so we could make coming to Love My Doggy Day Care a stress-free experience before having her join our playgroups or sleepover. Working with Callie’s pet parents our team made sure Callie was comfortable and confident when meeting new dogs and new people. We worked with Callie every day to help her ease into it and made sure she got plenty of love. This proved to be a great success for Callie because now she walks in the front door like she owns the place, we couldn’t be prouder. Callie’s confidence has grown so much that recently Callie had her first sleepover staycation with us and she did fantastically. We were all nervous about how Callie would do spending a couple of nights away from home, but it turns out she’s an expert boarder! Cheers to Callie, to her pet parents and to all who’ve helped Callie along the way.

Our June best friend of the month is one of our most fearless, intelligent, energetic, athletic, playful and friendly pups, Freddie. Freddie has been coming to daycare since she was a teeny-weeny puppy. During her first six months, our team watched her like a hawk and over that same timeframe we watched as Freddie grew and matured into an exceptional dog. Freddie’s overall size and stature are dwarfed by her personality, energy and tenacious play. Freddie is an excellent judge of character and always knows which dogs want to play and which dogs would rather not. Freddie likes to spend her days with our high energy dog groups. Big, little, Chihuahua or Mastiff, it doesn’t matter to Freddie, when she enters a playgroup, she’s there for one thing and one thing only and that’s to play, play, play. She may be tiny, but she’s fierce, brave, and spunky. It’s been so much fun to watch this spunky lil pup grow and learn! She is always happy to see us and be here at Love My Doggy Day Care. She’s a whole lotta love, charm and personality wrapped up in a “Fun Size” package.

Rounding out the summertime trio is Quinn. Quinn is our July Best Friend of the Month. Quinn is one of the friendliest pups we’ve ever had. Her temperament and play style make Quinn one of the sweetest dogs that come to play at Love My Doggy Day Care regularly. She’s a very energetic, agile and happy girl who truly wants to be everyone’s best friend! Quinn never lets her best fur friends down. No matter what, she is always ready to play! Quinn is also great when we need help with new or shy dogs. Quinn is really helpful making new dogs feel relaxed on their first day. While Quinn is the life of the party in play group, her sweet demeanor makes her just as fun and friendly outside of play group, Quinn loves to say “Hi” to everyone she meets and she loves to give kisses to both people and dogs! Quinn makes the staff at Love My Doggy Day Care smile which is why it was easy to add her to our list of Best Friends.

Hooray for Callie, Freddie, and Quinn! We would like to thank these three ladies, and their pet parents for helping us make Love My Doggy Day Care the best place for Best Friends to play!

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