Your Donations at Work!

Sheba chilling, safe and sound

You all did an amazing thing! You “gambled” on a Super Bowl box for $5/box and we were able to make a $500 donation to a local rescue called Tiny Little Miracles. We had learned of a few special cases heading their way, and I wanted to share one of the stories with all of you. On February 18, they will be taking delivery of 15 Pups, and your donations will surely help them – the rescue was almost out of food! But also, it will help Sheba, and it’s her story I am going to share here. Sheba’s picture is shown above. As you can see, she is finally out of the shelter and has been brought to safety. I must warn you, the story that is about to follow may be disturbing, but I will keep the details to a minimum.

Sheba’s owner passed away at home, but no one was aware of this for a number of days. Sheba and her two 10-month old puppies were there, with his body, for an undetermined amount of time. The family went to check on him after not being able to reach him. They looked through the window and saw what was a decaying body. At first, they assumed that the dogs were eating the body, but the coroner did determine that it was normal decay. You may have even seen this on the news last month. 10 animal control officers, police, fire, and the media were all on site. Sheba and her pups were dragged out on snare poles. She wouldn’t leave her owner’s side. They took her to ACCT where she was terrified and shut down. The family, who didn’t even know he had the dogs, took the 2 younger dogs home. She was at ACCT for weeks. A volunteer from Tiny Little Miracles learned of her, went to ACCT to meet her, and was on a mission. She was approved to pull Sheba from the shelter, after jumping through many hoops. And so here she is. Chilling and very grateful.

The donation came at a great time to help Sheba, and the pups they are taking in this week. Thank you for your donation!

In addition, in case you did not see the Winners announcement, here you go!

First Quarter winner of 1 Free Day of Day Care: SHADOW

Second Quarter/Half Time winner of 2 Free Days of Day Care:
Yev the Groomer! Who donated her days (1 day each) to ROY the bulldog, and ADDIE the labradoodle!

Third Quarter winner of 1 Free Day of Day Care:
Yev the Groomer again! Who donated her day to FIONA the schnoodle!

Fourth Quarter winner of 4 Free Days of Day Care: KYRIE

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