You Are My Sunshine! May Best Friend of the Month

Oh Sunny! What can we say? You are a nutty funny playmate! You are constantly kissing her doggy friends, provided there’s a tennis ball in their mouth – as you can see, there are plenty of mouth-to-mouth poses from Sunnie! We love your energy and we love your enthusiasm – and your mom and dad are pretty special too because they let us play with you! We promise we will always have plenty of tennis balls for you. By the way, you may recognize Sunny from one of our home page images!

sunny mtm3Sunny Mouthsunny mtm2

When Sunnie first came to Love My Doggy Day Care, like most of our newbies, she was a little shy at first. But – almost immediately after her evaluation day, Sunnie quickly became one of our most well-behaved, friendly, and energetic pups. Sunnie plays well with all dogs, loves our staff and loves loves loves tennis balls. You can play fetch with Sunnie all day and she will hardly tire. When we coax her into a taking a break and she is not chasing down tennis balls, Sunnie can be found cuddling and kissing the staff at LMDDC. I imagine to most people the sound of a barking dog at 7AM would be not be the most welcome sound, but to us, nothing makes the staff smile more than the sound of Sunnie barking all the way up our driveway in excitement to get to Love My Doggy Day Care! Sunnie is a ray of sunshine and a staff favorite! Congratulations to Sunny for taking the month of May by storm, and for mom and dad, the bragging rights are yours! So are some special prizes!


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  1. Anne Sudzina on June 8, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    I am a proud Mom! She loves you all!

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