May 2018 Best Friend of the Month is Muddy Creek Mac Attack

One of our longtime friends and all around great dogs goes by a few different nick-names:

“Muddy” “Muddy Creek” “Mac” “Muddy Mac” “Big Boy” “Big Buddy” “Big Mac”

But trust me, there is no mistaking who you’re talking about. Muddy Creek Mac Attack is the pound for pound largest and sweetest purebred German Shepherd that comes to Love My Doggy Day Care. Mac has been with us since we opened our doors and has always been a lover. When this Big Boy comes in he likes to toss around his big blue ball for some AM cardio. Muddy’s size and sweetness make him such a great dog to play with and when he’s not woofing it up at LMDDC Muddy Creek is a certified superhero. Muddy Creek Mac Attack completed extensive training to become both a certified Search and Rescue (working) Dog and recently became a certified therapy dog. This is one real American SuperHero Dog and we are so proud to be a part of his care. What a better way to kick-off the start of the summer than with a salute to Big Mac one of Love My Doggy Day Care’s finest.

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