Introducing a Key Member of the Management Team

We are soooo close! The next blog post will most likely be to announce the Grand Opening event! In the meantime, I’m incredibly excited to introduce Stacey Clemens, our Director of Operations and Canine Enrichment. Stacey is a highly qualified pet professional, and extremely active in the rescue community as well. I’ll briefly share some background here but I urge you to please read her bio on our Meet the Playground Staff page if you have the opportunity!

For over 25 years Stacey worked in the animal care field as a senior animal lab technician for Merck, where she was responsible for the humane daily care of all sort of animals, from rodents to dogs to primates. She is a certified Level 2 Animal Care Technician. This means that she has learned and applied all there is to know about everything from animal first aid and safety, to maintaining animal records, to sanitation and sterilization techniques in animal facilities. She’s done it all from cleaning and maintaining animal caging and housing, to caring for sick and injured animals, to administering medicines and food, even for special needs animals. After leaving Merck, Stacey enrolled in an intensive 18-week certification course from the Animal Behavioral College, to earn her certification as a Dog Trainer, Behaviorist, and Nutritionalist.

At Love My Doggy Day Care, we pride ourselves on the training and certification achievements of the entire management team – we hope you think it’s just one of the things that make us the right choice for you and your Best Friend!

Stacey add Mama

Stacey rescued Mama and helped adopt out her entire litter

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