Diesel Bonecrusher is March Best Friend of the Month

March Best Friend of the Month is a gorgeous Siberian Husky with a name like a Transformer and a disposition like a teddy bear. Diesel Bonecrusher takes the Top Dog trophy home for March but to us he is a winner every day. Unbelievably, this guy was found at the local SPCA up for adoption, and his new parents knew they hit the jackpot. They brought him home, got him healthy and happy, worked with a trainer, and eventually started bringing him to Love My Doggy Day Care to get him the play time he needed and missed after being separated from his sister at the SPCA, and to help with some separation anxiety.

As a result of their hard work and dedication, Diesel Bonecrusher is a rock star playmate. He’s friendly, playful, well-behaved, easy-going, snuggly, and lovable – all in all, a model citizen! Our dog handlers have been trying to teach him to say “I LOVE YOU” in his awesome husky howl, and I think I’ve heard it myself a couple of times! Diesel Bonecrusher goes home tired after a day at day care filled with his favorite things – belly rubs, ear scratches, running, chasing, playing, balls, and snuggles. We are lucky to have his as part of the pack here, and would like to congratulate him and his mom & dad on being picked as a staff favorite  – enjoy your prizes, your spot on the wall, and your bragging rights!

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