April Best Friend of the Month

I couldn’t be more pleased to make this exciting announcement! Please allow me to introduce Abner, this handsome yellow lab, as our April Best Friend of the Month! April showers can’t get us down when we have Abner, King of wiggles!! As soon as he hears his name, Abner immediately starts to wiggle as he’s walking up to receive his just rewards in the form of pets! When Abner is in group play, whether he is playing with the other dogs or playing with a tennis ball (or two!), he is always happy as can be! On the very rare occasions when he gets tired from playing, he’ll take a nap all snuggled up with the dog handler – he loves his snuggles! Abner is such an outgoing pup, that we will often pair him up with shyer, less confident pups, to help bring them out of their shells. In a day care setting, pups like Abner are pure gold! Abner is one of our regular Love Bus passengers, and he loves his ride service! He is always ready for a treat and a nap once he gets dropped off at home. We love you Abner! We hope you enjoy your silly prizes, your spot on our Wall of Besties, and of course the Mr. April title you so richly deserve! And thank you to Abner’s humans, for letting us take care of him!

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