Love My Doggy Day Care Update.
Saturday, April 4

April 4th, 2020 -
It hasn’t been easy for any of us. Like so many, we are struggling, but we remain open for business, and that is a blessing. Thank you for your ongoing support! Getting to take care of the pups is our therapy! And, thank you for asking for this. We have set up a *strictly voluntary* donation campaign to help support LMDDC during this crisis. GoFundMe has initiated a small business relief program where it will provide a matching donation of $500, so we are hoping to be able to take advantage of this opportunity. Thank you for your generosity. Here is the link if you would contribute.

March 25th 2020 - This morning we received updated guidance with the official position of the PA Department of Agriculture, supported by the Animal Cruelty division of the Pennsylvania State Police, with specific regard to grooming services. This has been a topic of confusion in the local pet care industry, as an exclusion for grooming services in full-services facilities such as doggy day cares, pet stores, and other business providing multiple lines of service for pets was not previously stated. However, with this update, the guidance is clear. The grooming services in our facility do need cease operations under the current guidance.
Effective immediately, we are suspending our grooming services.


On March 20th 2020, we received Governor-approved guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. Businesses such as Love My Doggy Day Care *ARE* considered essential, and may stay open.

“The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania recognizes the critical role boarding kennels, doggie daycares, shelters, sanctuaries, and rescues play in ensuring essential workers and at risk individuals have a safe place to house dogs and in protecting their currently housed dogs, staff and volunteers, and the community they serve, during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The guidance literally encourages doggy day care facilities to continue operations, but the decision is a business-by-business decision.

You may find the guidance here if you would like to it.

As always, please do not bring your dog if s/he is sick, or if s/he is in a COVID-19 positive household. Thank you.

Changes you can expect:

  1. We will be doing “curbside” drop-off and pick-up only during normal check-in and check-out hours. This includes 7 – 9 AM and 5 – 7 PM. This will reduce the number of people in the lobby at once. We will continue to practice the social distancing protocols already put in practice.
  2. In order to eliminate reasons for you to need to come inside, we are going to temporarily require you purchase a package. We will temporarily have 3-day packages available, and we will continue to offer our 10, 15, and 30-day packages. When it is time to re-up your package, we will send you an electronic invoice that you can pay from your personal device. We understand you may have to come inside to purchase your initial package. Please note that special “stimulus” promotional rates will be offered for these packages. There will not be a limit on how many you can buy, but they will be non-refundable except under very extreme circumstances (the death of a pet, for example).
  3. Because we are expecting a reduced quantity of dogs in the building, and people’s schedules are not “normal” right now, we are temporarily waiving the “reservations only” policy. If you need services and are an existing client, you are welcome to bring your fur baby in without a reservation.
  4. If you have friends or family who need help with dog care, and are not existing clients, provided they can supply the necessary vaccination documentation, they are welcome to bring their dog to us. Please understand these pups may not be integrated into the play groups, but we are able to help make sure people who need care for their pets can get it.
  5. We will be closed on Sundays. Due to the travel restrictions and other mitigation approaches in place, our boarding demand has been extremely low. Given that we offer no other services other than boarding pick-up’s & drop-off’s, we will temporarily suspend our Sunday business hours. You can absolutely make boarding pick-up and drop-off appointments for specific times on Sundays directly with Lisa or Bryl (managed through the Front Desk staff), but we will not keep regular hours or staffing levels for the time being, until the demand returns.